Lebanon Leaves Lady GaGa Speechless

As a Lady GaGa fan, the news that Born This Way Album was banned in Lebanon for being “offensive to Christianity” upset me. As a Lebanese, I am outraged!

Free speech is one of the few basic rights we still have in Lebanon. Once again, the Lebanese government has found a way to throw that out the window too.

Here’s a novel idea: If you don’t like Lady Gaga, DON’T BUY THE ALBUM!

If you don’t want to hear it on the radio, change the channel to something more in line with religious principles, like “Dakhilo Allah Ilsilicon” or the classic “Il3ab il3ab”, or maybe you prefer songs like Rihanna’s “come here rude boy boy is you big enough”, or Enrique Iglesias hit “But Tonight I’m Loving You (original version: But Tonight I’m Fucking You). Oh wait, all these songs, much like most of the TOP 10 songs, promote excessive drinking and promiscuity. How about you turn off all radio stations Lebanon?! Or maybe the radio should just blast Muslim, Christian, and Hindu religious hymns and sermons across all the stations.

As much as I find the Neanderthal Mohamad Iskandar’s song “Joumhouriyet Albi” archaic and offensive, I would never want it to be banned. I can just choose to not hear it, hate it and criticize it.

The double standards in Lebanon have got to stop. Lebanon tries to portray the idea that we have more freedoms than other countries in the Middle East, but clearly we have a long way to go to becoming a civil state. In the meantime, I will enjoy my Lady Gaga album on itunes.

Update: Looks like the album has finally been released in Lebanon. Was it something we said? 🙂

Check out the Daily Star article for more details.


8 thoughts on “Lebanon Leaves Lady GaGa Speechless

  1. Read the lyrics of each and every song of born this way album and maybe you'd get why it was banned!
    Lebanese authorities did something good finally!

  2. @Anonymous Thank you for sharing your view. I have actually read the lyrics of the songs (I am a Lady Gaga fan) and it is symbolic. For example, Lady Gaga has said in a previous interview that the song Judas is about her being drawn to a bad ex-boyfriend. The songs shouldn't be taken literally.

    While I respect your opinion, I don't believe we should censor something just because we don't agree with it. You are of course free to not buy the album and criticize it as it is within your rights of free speech.

    @Elio Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

  3. Love this! Im 100% with you on this matter. Can't beleive we live in such an ignorant place. This blog post should be spread seriously. Maybe people will open up their mind.

  4. I like so totally agrey with this awesomness of an article. Like people should be able to decide forthemslvs want they want and shldnt be stopped because of other people that dont want to give people what those certain people think as right or privelage. I so agree with this! Something must so be done this is so and unbelievably bad! Open ur mind Lebanon! Be open minded! This should be on tv or something!!

    Lady GaGa for-ever!


    peace ya

  5. @Dizzy Of course, I don't mean we should literally shut down radio stations in Lebanon (regardless of how relieving that would be for our ears).

    99% of the music that plays on most stations (especially in Lebanon) is the same old boring, worthless crap, as you so effectively demonstrated in your post.

    Thing is (and I apologize for being a bit off-topic here), people looking for good music shouldn't be looking for it on the radio: the vast majority of what's worth listening to in this world isn't on there and never will be.

    “Update: Looks like the album has finally been released in Lebanon. Was it something we said?:)”

    Most likely not. Money talks much more loudly than reason or freedom of speech.

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