Great Expectations

Here’s the thing. I never expect much from people. As a matter of fact, I don’t expect anything. It’s just easier that way. Safety first, after all. People always disappoint so if I don’t expect anything, I won’t get disappointed.

Call it the cowardly route. It probably is. But we all do what we have to. Disappointment can sprout from the most unexpected sources. The close ones always hurt the most. That’s not to say I think all people are bad and out to get me. I do still hope for the best. I still hope that people live up to their promises and my expectations. But people being the frail creatures they are, sometimes fail to deliver. A best friend with a hidden agenda, an envious uncle, a treacherous neighbor, are all possibilities. I’d like to think improbable, but possibilities nonetheless. You seem nice, but if someday, somewhere you screw me over, I won’t be surprised. I hope you don’t though because it will make it even harder for me to trust people. It’s a tight rope walk between hoping for the best and expecting the worst.


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