Heart ImageLove in half measures
Watered down
At variable temperatures

Am I too much?
Or are you too little?
I cannot love in half measures

My love is searing
My love overflows
My love bursts at the seams
An atomic blast
A song, a prayer, a universal breath

How funny
Of all the people in all the places
That it would be you

The one who loves in half measures
Watered down
At variable temperatures



Image designed by Freepik


What If?

What if everything we were told were lies?

What if bad things only happened to bad people?

What if we lived forever?

What if everyone was happy, healthy and in love?

What if everything had a happy ending?

What if there was no suffering?

What if the earth wasn’t suffering?

What if we all got what we wished for?

What if we all tried to change the world?

What if we all had someone to love who loved us in return forever?

What if you we did what we loved instead of what we were supposed to do?

What if we weren’t afraid?