10 Thoughts to Live by in 2016

With the holidays winding down, and the return to routine becoming eminently closer, I wanted to take stock of the last 365 days. I am happy 2015 is over, with it’s ups and downs and twists and turns, and looking forward to a hopefully better 2016. As arbitrary as it may seem, the start of a new year gives us a feeling of a fresh start, like cracking open a new notebook to page 1. The following aren’t exactly resolutions, more like thoughts I am reflecting on:

1. Life passes by quicker the older I get and I should remember to slow down and enjoy it.

2. Since all actions begin from a thought, I will try to avoid negative or defeatist thinking and focus on constructive and positive thoughts instead.

3. It is ok to feel happy, joyful, excited, elated, calm, serene, anxious, depressed, and angry but know that the feeling is fleeting and I will not be defined by a transient emotional state.

4. Be grateful and express gratitude for this great life of mine.

5. Continue to help others within my means in my life and in the world with their own struggles.

6. Keep the connections with my friends and family here and around the world alive. So happy to be surrounded by awesome people in my life. Love you all!

7. Don’t be defined or dependent on the approval or validation of others. I am enough.

8. Challenge myself to go beyond my comfort zone in my professional, social and personal life and avoid complacency.

9. Remember that we are all tiny flailing creatures living on a tiny rock rolling around in the universe, puts our struggles into perspective.

10. Keep dreaming and taking action steps towards my goals, the universe has my best interest at heart and Fortune Favors the Brave.

Here’s to an amazing 2016! Happy New Year everyone!


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