Fuck it.

Fuck the economy. Fuck the corporate world. Fuck money. Fuck capitalism. Fuck consumerism. Fuck materialism. Fuck the government. Fuck censorship. Fuck oppression. Fuck war. Fuck nuclear weapons. Fuck confinement. Fuck tradition. Fuck the norm. Fuck appearances. Fuck the media. Fuck global warming. Fuck pollution. Fuck toxins. Fuck synthetic fibers. Fuck landfills. Fuck stupidity. Fuck poverty. Fuck hunger. Fuck the police. Fuck sexism. Fuck racism. Fuck extremism. Fuck violence. Fuck the desert. Fuck anger. Fuck hate. Fuck pain. Fuck fear. Fuck misery. Fuck deception. Fuck betrayal. Fuck greed. Fuck insecurity. Fuck uncertainty. Fuck loneliness. Fuck despair.

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